Perchance You Were Wondering…

…where does that Quelle Aventure cover photo come from?

These photos were taken during a hike with my advisors in the Alps of Tarvisio, Italy. Tarvisio is part of the province of Udine and within the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region in Italy. We took a car ride from Villach (about 1 hour) to our approximately 6-hour hike, which looked like this:

2014-06-10 05.16.22

At the base of the snowy mountains were fields of beautiful blooming wildflowers, naturally conjuring up all of the Sound of Music scenes and giddy joy.

2014-06-10 02.54.46

Starting the ascent

2014-06-10 02.58.59

Fields of yellow, white, and purple



There were several snowbanks to cross (very carefully) as we ascended the mountain, and when we got high enough into their habitat, a herd of mountain goats began to follow us!

2014-06-10 04.57.14

Hello, new friend








We didn’t get to reach the very top of this mountain due to remnants of the unusually snowy winter, but we did get close. After our descent, we consumed fresh Italian pasta, beer, and Montasio cheese made on the premises at the mountain hut! I can’t wait to do some more hiking around these gorgeous mountains.

2014-06-10 05.10.14

Happy hiker (look carefully for friends!)

2014-06-10 05.08.55

Cutie pie






And in case you were ruminating, what does Quelle Aventure mean? Or, how do you pronounce it?
Quelle Aventure = French for “what an adventure!”
Quelle Aventure = KELL AHH-VAHN-TOOR

2014-06-10 03.21.52

And my favorite

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