Montaña de Oro

2015-02-13 17.33.49
This is sunset at a state park in San Luis Obispo County, south of Morro Bay. At the time (February 2015), we didn’t know that we would spend many more days here in the next year. It was a beautiful getaway, a start to our coastal Valentine’s Week adventure! Since then, we’ve camped here, explored the tidepools, watched more sunsets, and hiked most of its trails.

My first time here is still my #1, for the magic of it all:
2015-02-13 17.32.30The way the sun shone through those Eucalyptus trees that evening:2015-02-13 17.06.28

The light on the rocky coast:
2015-02-13 17.30.53

And my first look at the yellow mustard plant that lights up Spring here:
2015-02-13 17.20.53

To many more sun rises and sets in this beautiful part of California!

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