Berlin: After the Rain

2014-08-16 10.26.12

This post will only include pictures of places that evoked some emotion in me. Checkpoint Charlie wasn’t one of them, and really just felt like a place to buy souvenirs. It took me quite a while to find the Berlin Wall, based on not really consulting a map but just sort of biking through tunnels and along parks. Everything seemed empty that day, and no one was really outside at this time. The recently rained look gave the wall memorial a special aura.

2014-08-16 10.27.25

People consistently graffiti over graffiti at the Berlin Wall, and it was cool to watch it being done. I can’t explain why, but I didn’t watch for too long, feeling as if I were trespassing.

2014-08-16 10.30.28

This lone swing was just at the foot of the wall.
2014-08-16 10.32.42
Where the wall first fell:
2014-08-16 11.08.45

Anhalter Station ruins, once an important rail center in Berlin. A plaque there commemorates the deportation of 9,600 Jews to Theresienstadt in Czechoslovakia.
2014-08-16 13.44.22

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