Land of Cute Narrow Alleys

20€ and 3.5 bus hours is all it takes to get to Venice from Villach!

Taking the 6:50am bus and sleeping all the way, Venezia has been the perfect place to wake up to on a Saturday morning! I took my first day trip a few weeks ago, and returned yesterday to hit up the islands of Murano (of Murano glass) and Burano (of Burano lace and pretty painted buildings). I’ll add those photos later — I realize I took a ton to share!

My favorite part is absolutely losing myself among the narrow winding streets and discovering all the cute cafes, restaurants, and gelato shops (so much gelato).

2014-06-07 05.09.12

View from the Rialto Bridge

2014-06-07 05.56.19

Saint Mark’s Basilica from the bell tower

2014-06-07 05.57.51

Another bell tower view!

2014-06-07 06.22.45

In front of the Basilica






2014-06-07 04.36.08

One of many scenic waterways









Venezia II (island vibes) coming soon!

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