Young and Hip!

2014-07-20 12.57.37

Ljubljana has a very young and hip vibe, a great place for liberal minds. Streets closer to the university and train station are filled with interesting graffiti, a lot of it in English. Above are shoes and umbrellas hanging from overhead wires, placed there in anticipation of major life changes or when students finish a semester.

I was really interested in visiting Metelkova City, which is a community squatted at former Yugoslavian military barracks near the train station. The barracks have been completely redecorated. The space holds art galleries, clubs, music, and hosts clubs for women, the disabled, and LGBTQ.

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Street graffiti









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During one of my long sleepy breaks during the day, I stumbled upon a “Free Outdoor Reading” site in Tivoli Park. They had cute wooden bookcases and lounge chairs facing gardens and greenhouses in the park, all shaded by a giant oak tree. It was beautifully pleasant and calm.

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