Lake Bled & the Julian Alps

2014-07-19 03.03.57This past weekend, it was off to Slovenia for me! Since it’s close enough to Villach, I took two day trips, the first to Lake Bled in the Julian Alps, and the second to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.

Lake Bled was, well, I think you can tell: serene and gorgeous. The photo above is taken from the medieval castle at Lake Bled, which is purportedly the oldest in Slovenia. I climbed up, then walked all around the lake, resting for extended periods of time to read and dip my legs in the water. It was at least 90°F both Saturday and Sunday, so a lot of rest time was necessary.

2014-07-19 06.21.46

Relaxing at my special spot

2014-07-19 03.27.24

Paradise serene: poem about Lake Bled





In the photos you can see an island in the lake, which has a church with many steps leading up to it. A wedding party rode pletnas to the island, and the groom carried the bride up all the steps as everyone cheered.

2014-07-19 02.29.07

Pletna on Lake Bled

2014-07-19 02.58.31

Taking in the castle views

2014-07-19 06.01.29



A dessert specialty at Lake Bled is the kremna rezina, or cream cake. I made my final stop at Lake Bled at the Park Hotel, where they first served the kremna rezinas and keep the original recipe. You also get to eat it outside looking right over the lake. I liked its crispy flakiness both on top and on the bottom of the cream layers.

2014-07-19 08.25.31

Kremna rezina!

2014-07-19 02.29.46

Hydrangeas at the lake

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