Delights of Budapest Part I: Feast for the Eyes

2014-07-05 12.24.46

Matthias Church, Castle Hill

My favorite delight of Budapest? The architecture. I could take weeks walking around with my head up, checking out the intricate detail in every window frame.

2014-07-05 11.30.10

Beautiful weather outside Erzsébet tér

2014-07-06 06.53.18

Just another amazing building on Andrássy út









And shout out to the churches and synagogues! On Sunday morning, bells were ringing:

2014-07-06 12.42.45

Saint Elizabeth Church. Bonus: what time is it?

2014-07-05 11.19.31

Dohány Street Synagogue–wish I had gone inside!

2014-07-06 12.26.57

Fasori Evangélikus Egyházközség temploma

Did I mention that all of the buildings are part of the feast?

2014-07-06 03.43.47

Yep! I meant…

2014-07-06 06.49.06

…all the buildings

2014-07-05 14.52.21

Sweet summer night, Rákóczi út

2014-07-07 02.49.21

Keleti train station

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