Glück auf!

2014-07-03 05.49.41

So say the miners! This is a traditional miners’ greeting in Germany/Austria, wishing each other luck in finding a lode. I was in Salzburg last week, presenting a poster at a GIS conference, and I found the opportunity to do some exploring, including spending a morning at the salt mines.

I chose the salt mines in Hallein, which are among the world’s oldest, mined for 7,000 years. You put on protective clothing, ride a little train through the mine, walk through the tunnels, cross into Germany, slide down 2 miners’ slides, and ride a boat across an underground lake!

The slides were definitely the coolest–very steep and it was all so fast!

The above photo is taken from the fortress in Salzburg. More to come on the beauty of Salzburg!

2014-07-04 06.24.46

Salt mine ceiling

2014-07-04 14.19.56-01

Miners’ gear: riding the train!

2014-07-04 05.48.16

Miners’ slides: can’t see the top!

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