• As a geographer and GIScientist, I study geoprivacy.
    I write about geomasking techniques and location surveillance. I'm particularly interested in societal and individual reactions to geoprivacy challenges over time.

    My latest geoprivacy work is in the Annals of the American Assocation of Geographers. It's called "Please Enter Your Home Location: Geoprivacy Attitudes and Personal Location Masking Strategies of Internet Users," and it's about the prevalence of strategies individuals use to protect their location privacy. The results demonstrate that adults do engage in behavior to hide their physical locations, and this location masking takes place across demographic groups.

    As a 2019-2020 American Geographical Society (AGS) EthicalGEO Fellow, I get to flex my creative side in developing short films to use as teaching tools for geoprivacy concepts. Check back in the summer for links to the films and additional teaching resources.

    I'm currently an independent GIS consultant. I provide spatial data analysis and web mapping services to clients in law, education, public health, academia, real estate, and environmental studies.

    When I'm not reading up on privacy issues and designing sweet maps, I'm out on the trails. Find out more in my travel log.