Hiking Tour of SLO

Given that there are so many shorter trails in San Luis Obispo, I thought it would be a great idea to have a local adventure linking multiple trails! I booked a campsite in Montaña de Oro for me and K, and then we started our micro-adventure bright and early after campsite coffee.

The first, shown above, is the view from Valencia Peak, 1,347 feet. The trail is 4.5 miles R/T with oh-so-lovely ocean. And poppies!

Also from Valencia Peak. You can see all the trails of MDO snaking around. This looks out on Morro Bay.

Next on the list was Black Hill, which is one of the morros! It’s just 661 feet and has a 0.6-mile R/T trail. A great spot for PB&J!

View of Morro Rock from Black Hill!

Looking back from whence we came! View of Montaña de Oro from Black Hill.

Finally, we hit Cerro Alto, an awesome 4.7-mile R/T trail. Unfortunately, this site now charges $10 for parking, so we may not hit it again in the near future. It’s too bad, since this trail is beautiful! The peak is at 2,624 feet, so almost double our first spot, Valencia Peak!

We love the fog rolling in to the valleys… a common occurrence in this area!

In summary:

  1. Valencia Peak Trail (4.5 mi)
  2. Black Hill (0.6 mi)
  3. Cerro Alto (4.7 mi)

A great 9.8 mile day of local exploration!

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