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Bohemian Castles and Bridges

2014-08-17 11.58.47
I did so much walking this whole trip! There is a metro in Prague, but I think I found it too much of an effort to figure out CZK currency and have the crown coins available to buy tix! Praha was the last stop on the 11-day voyage, and I was ready to browse and nibble and wander and view and sleep. My best views:

Prague Castle from the Charles Bridge
2014-08-17 11.10.01

View from Prague Castle
2014-08-17 12.07.15

Ze Most Intricate St. Vitus Cathedral atop Prague Castle
2014-08-17 11.43.00

Sunset at Charles Bridge with Prague Castle Yonder
2014-08-17 13.01.22

Church of Our Lady before Týn2014-08-18 05.12.00

I love you, grand adventure! From Prague, I took a 9-hour train back to Villach to finish up my 2014 European stay.

Take the Bus to Praha

2014-08-17 12.27.12

I fully recommend taking the bus from Berlin to Prague. Not a train. The bus. I think it cost €15, included a plush leather seat all to myself, offered movies, was super clean, and provided free hot chocolate. It was a fantastic travel experience. Prague is awesome. The clouds seem different there. Puffier and with cool dark purplish colors. Architecture is supacool. I think my accommodations merit a mention.

My room had a giant bed and another bed, which seems like a stroke of luck — maybe they were out of rooms in my discount hotel. The room offered wall art:

2014-08-17 09.12.50

Capstone painting of the room

2014-08-17 09.17.42

Hotel Brixen






The buildings were like so (like Budapest and Vienna):
2014-08-17 10.30.09

and like so (the Národní museum):
2014-08-17 10.34.29

More on the castle soon!