July 12: A Day to Defend Net Neutrality

Online privacy, Protest, Regulation

In protest of the FCC’s plans to scrap net neutrality protections, many non-profits, companies and websites are banding together to host a day of action on July 12, 2017. Among the companies joining in this progressive movement: Amazon, Vimeo, GitHub, Netflix, Etsy, Twitter, and Spotify. What will the day of protest entail?

-a Twitter Brigade, tweeting net neutrality news through July 12

-30-second video bumper for online video content

-website alerts, like the one below (I’m going to try this one on my page!)


The point is to show what the internet would look like without the neutrality of browsing protected.

Without net neutrality, internet service providers will be free to steer you to their selected content, making slow lanes for companies that can’t pay up. A big company could get fast navigation through their website, but it can take more time to load a small non-profit’s page.

Support net neutrality on July 12! Join here.

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