Website Login Fingerprinting

Advertising, Online privacy

INRIA, the French computer science institute (which has a fantastic privacy research group), has released an online test to show you your web browsing fingerprint. Their Browser Extension and Login-Leak Experiment demonstrates how you can be tracked by the browser extensions you have installed, as well as the sites you remain logged in to. These stale logins can be used to target your online ads, or even serve you higher prices in online shopping.

I failed this test completely – my logins are apparently very unique:


And, I remain logged into way more sites than I thought! eBay and Yahoo? It’s possible that some of these are false login detections, as the group is still working out the kinks.


You can take the test here:

Checkups like these are good reminders of the data we are leaking out without thinking about: where we visit, what we type, and where we click. Little beacons are ready at the collect.

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