Scotland Yard Accused of Hiring Hackers in India to Monitor Activists

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Allegations from an anonymous whistleblower claim that London’s Metropolitan Police enlisted the services of hackers in India to access email accounts of activists, including campaign organizers and journalists. The whistleblower claims to be a current detective and accuses the Met’s Domestic Extremism unit of unlawfully tracking such email activity for years. As proof, the anonymous tipster provided email passwords of 10 individuals claimed to be targeted, five of which have been independently confirmed as correct. One of the targets, Greenpeace activist Colin Newman, reports feeling violated, as his email account contains not just event planning but intimate details of personal counseling. The Independent Police Complaints Commission is now investigating the unit’s collection of email data and shredding of a large volume of documents in 2014. The interception of emails without evidence of investigating serious crimes constitutes unlawful spying on protest groups.

Source: UK ArsTechnica

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