Emotion Detection to Be Added to 150,000 Moscow CCTV Cameras

Police, Surveillance

Emotion detection technology developed by NTechLab will reportedly be added to 150,000 surveillance cameras run by Moscow’s city government (though NTechLab remains very hush-hush about its clients). The purpose is to detect “suspicious behavior” and track particular individuals. The company has won various research awards (ex. University of Ohio’s EmotionNet challenge) for detecting faces and emotions, and is known for its FindFace app, which acts as a photo search engine to find the Russian social network VKontakte profiles of people spotted on mass transit. CEO of the company, Alexander Kabakov states,

The recognition gives a new level of security in the street because in a couple of seconds you can identify terrorists or criminals or killers

Chilling. Especially because the emotion component has a reported accuracy rate of 94% [on what kind of training data set, a researcher might ask]. Kabakov sees no additional privacy concerns arising from the addition of emotion detection because the cameras already exist. Flawed arguments of a spy merchant.

Source: The Telegraph

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